Robynn Morro is known as the longest practising Naturopath in Townsville and has been practising Natural Medicine for over 50 years. Robynn had a passion to share her knowledge and there were not many places in North Queensland to study in Natural Therapies.
From 1990 – 2008 Robynn developed the Robynn Morro’s College of Natural Medicine and she lectured in Iridology, Herbalism, Massage, Vitamin & Minerals & Nutrition. The college had a very high reputation for massage therapists and naturopaths once a student completed their studies and many students entered into their own practice in the Natural Therapies field as Naturopaths and Massage Therapists.

Natural Therapies has been a part of Joanne Fairbrother’s life since she was a young girl. When Joanne started her own family in 1992 she joined Robynn in the clinic and studied Natural Therapies to become a Naturopath. In 2000 Joanne branched out and specialises in diet & nutrition, focusing on helping people to lose weight by understanding what foods to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle plan.

Robynn and Joanne are a mother and daughter team and have enjoyed working together for over 30 years. That is over 80 years of combined experience in helping people to make changes to their overall health and well being.

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