Robynn Morro – Consulting Naturopath 

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590 Ross River Road Cranbrook Q 4814

Robynn Morro is one of the leading Naturopaths in Townsville with over 50 years clinical experience creating treatment plans adapted to each individual patient with an emphasis on treating the whole person and not just the symptom.

During your consultation Robynn will identify the reason why you are feeling the way you do through Iridology & Allergy Testing and create a treatment plan with Homoeopathic Remedies, Herbal Medicine, Diet & Nutrition and Vitamin & Minerals to assist in balancing your body.

Service Duration Price
Consultation 1 hour  $160.00
Check Up Consultation (within 6 months)  30 minutes  $ 90.00
B12 Injections $ 45.00
Blood Group Test  $ 15.00
Hair & Minerals Test $220.00

If you have recently had any blood tests completed, bring them into your consultation along with your Blood Group if you know it (if not that is ok as Robynn as a test that will provide her with the information).

During the allergy test you will be tested on a variety of toxins, foods & chemicals. If you feel there is something causing an irritant to your body and would like it tested you are welcome to bring in a small sample for testing.

Be prepared to talk about your personal information, symptoms and your health history. All information is important during your assessment and consultation. It is helpful if you have a list of symptoms you would like to cover and any medication you are currently taking.

Jo-anne Fairbrother – Healthy Lifestyle Coach specialising in Weight Loss


For over 30 years Jo-anne has worked in the Natural Therapies Industry and specialises in helping people to lose weight & get their health back on track with her successful Back to Basics Healthy Living Program.

Townsville Consultations
590 Ross River Road Cranbrook Q 4814
Phone 47231721
Mobile 0419757015

Online Consultations available Australia wide
Virtual Office – Phone, Messenger, Zoom, Google Meets

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Complementary 1:1 Discovery Session – before commencing any weight reducing program Jo-anne offers a complimentary phone consultation to first peel back the layers to find out why you have been gaining weight or why you have been finding it hard to shift those stubborn kilos.

If Jo-anne feels she is able to assist you with losing weight, she will offer you a second Complementary Session. During your Food Analysis Session she will dive in a little deeper to help unlock what foods could be holding you back and formulate a lifestyle plan to get your body into the fat burning zone.

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This could be YOU… Check out these amazing results and find out how Jo-anne could help you to lose weight & feel great again!

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